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Chad’s mother and grandmother were in town this week visiting us. They arrived Sunday night and left this morning, and stayed here at our tiny apartment with us. I’m surprised they didn’t leave cheering after three days in < 900 square feet and 5 people in it.

We had a great time with them, they were such a big help with the baby and helping us get some things accomplished. We got to spend some time with Grandma L, down in Carolina, a little more than usual too.

Wednesday night I learned how to roast a chicken from Grandma D, that was fun. I made that, cheddar garlic mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and apple cornbread. Pretty darn good, I must say! Now we have enough chicken left over for sandwiches for a week, or a big pot of soup.

Pacibaby started eating rice cereal this week as her first food (if you don’t count the nibble of applesauce over the weekend, lol), started Tuesday. That makes today her fourth day, so Sunday I am going to start her on carrots for five or six days before another vegetable. In a few weeks we’ll start fruits, since she will like those better. Gotta get the veggies in first! She had some trouble for the first couple of days with figuring out what to do with the spoon and how to swallow the cereal, but today has shown remarkable improvement!

So she had that dreaded four month appointment yesterday. She had another round of shots, 1 oral, two in one leg, one in another. When she had her two month shots, I remember we came home and she slept most of the afternoon away, then was not interested in eating that night. I don’t remember how she slept that night. But when we got home yesterday, she napped in her carseat for a little while, then woke ready to play. But by last night, she was running a fever of 100.3 (an hour after Tylenol) and was whimpering, presumably from sore legs. When Chad touched one of them earlier, she cried. Poor baby…during the night she whimpered in her sleep as well. Today, she has not eaten much, about two ounces every two hours, and has napped the majority of the day, many catnaps here and there.

So here’s what the new doctor (new practice) had to say:

11 lbs, 2 oz – 20th percentile, up from 5th percentile, but only a 2 lb gain in 2 months
23.5 inches long, a gain of 5 inches since birth, approximately 50th percentile
43 cm head circumference, 90th percentile.

The first two were okay, not happy about the weight, but I still am concerned re: her head size. The doctor reviewed her ultrasound and spoke to the technician who performed it, and called me later in the day to ask me to bring her back in a month for a recheck. She is trying to decide on doing a CAT scan, which I kind of just wish they would go ahead and do already to save me the worry, you know?

She is not concerned about her skull shape, which is sort of becoming a cone in the back because of how she lies during most of sleep, and says along with the PT therapist that it may shape out on its own without a helmet. That is a relief! She signed the orders to continue with therapy, which I’m happy about because she is making such excellent progress. She has begun batting for toys, and keeping her hands open more often to grasp objects. She started reaching for our faces when we get close enough to her yesterday – it is the sweetest thing.

She is early-teething, which accounts for her drastic increase in drooling, and some of the chewing and being whiny. I finally got an accurate dosage amount for the Tylenol, and it has seemed to help. No Orajel for quite some time, of course.

I think that is all for now on the updates. She is growing well, getting long and lean, and hopefully her increase in dosage on the Prilosec will help with her GERD and periods of crying. Poor baby…but at least she’s improving in other areas. Here’s to an eventful fourth month with my monkey!


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Right now, I am moody, exhausted from PaciBaby’s newly discovered love for 2 am, 3 am, and 4 am, scared to death because there is a slight chance that the damn birth control pills I have been relying on have suddenly decided that not only making me a crazy person is fun, but that HEY, YOU SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER KID RIGHT NOW- need I go on?

So instead of reading about my whiny drivel for another second, I introduce: CUTE KID.

How on earth does she sleep this way?

And yes, I do realize that she is so freaking cute, I could eat her alive, but most days, instead of snuggly cuteness, I get this:

I might very well lose my mind.

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Sling Things

So we have one sling that she is now too big for, at least to be cradled in:
She can use this one for the hip carry and front-facing carry, but she is yet too small for it, and too large to cradle this way.

One that can only be used standing up:

The Snugli we have is older than this one, so it’s a little different. But she really digs it most of the time.

And one that she screams in:

Disappointing, because I really like this one.

…and now that she is over 3 months old, she is now so self-aware and Mommy-aware that she screams, WAILS, whenever I leave her sight. Not only that, but she needs to be constantly stimulated and occupied, or she gets fussy. Meaning, no longer contentedly snoozing in her baby seat.

I am frustrated. I need to hit the lottery so I can buy a larger version of the top sling, and one of these:

It’s called a BabyHawk, and it’s completely customizable. You pick the fabric, color, inserts, hoods, linings, pockets, etc. Expensive, but super-cool and comfy for Mom and baby, and it also can be used for the back carry, which I’m looking forward to.

Any moms have recommendations for other slings?

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