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My sweet baby –

It’s been far too long since I’ve written to you, my love. I think our last letter was at five months old.

You are eighteen and a half wonderful, adorable, frustrating, temperamental months old. I think you’ve hit the terrible two’s a little early, in fact.

We’ve been home in the Midwest now for over five months, and you have adjusted beautifully. You’ve met some of my friends and family, you’ve fallen in love with my best girl friend – who we affectionally call Aunt Wibby. You run, dance, wiggle, and make me laugh every single day.

Your vocabulary has exploded since your first birthday. Your words now include:

  • Mommy/Mama
  • NO!
  • PuhPEE!
  • Larky (Larkin is your Nana and Gampy’s dog, who you found irresistible this summer)
  • Ball
  • Ba-ba (bottle)
  • Kitty
  • Beebee (Baby)
  • Tank ee (Thank you)
  • Bah (Bath)

A swears that he heard you say his kids’ names once, the shortened version (omitted in this public letter!) but I haven’t heard you say it since. You’ve also used several words only once that you haven’t repeated yet, so I haven’t included them here.

You have twelve teeth: all four front on top and bottom, and 4 molars, evenly spaced. It’s been a while since you’ve broken through a new tooth, so I’m awaiting that misery for you!

You still refuse to let me clip your fingernails and toenails, so that is a difficult fight. At least your fingernails are tiny enough that your daily activities keep them worn down. You love to “brush” your teeth with your little yellow Elmo toothbrush, however. I love watching you imitate those kinds of things that you see me do!

You love brushing your hair, and now that I use detangler on that crazy amount of hair you have, you like to run away from the spray and steal the brush away from me!

We have a routine down right now, since I’m home with you during the day. You wake up between 8 and 9 most days, and you come out to the  living room with me, curl up in the big chair with one of your two favorite blankies, and chow down on a bottle or sippy cup of milk with some favorite cartoons. I make you breakfast, then after you’ve eaten, you like to follow me around the house while I take care of whatever little things I can do while you’re awake. You go down for a nap around noon or 1pm, then sleep 2 hours – sometimes 3 on a good day. 😉 After naptime is a late lunch or snack, depending on whether you’ve wanted to eat before your nap. You play so well on your own and love to make lots of little messes in every room of the house. There is a “Caia trail” at the end of every afternoon!

I run the vacuum in the early evenings, and you always grab your blankie and climb up into the big chair to watch. You won’t usually stay on the floor, you dislike loud noises. You like to play hide and seek when I run my hairdryer, and I love to watch you giggle if I blow your hair for you.

If I’m folding laundry, you always want to climb up on my bed and either “help” by throwing everything onto the floor or trying it on yourself, or you climb up on the pillows and try to finagle the blinds to see outside. You love to take off your own pants or shorts, and usually run around in just a diaper and t-shirt. You’d take your shirt off, too, if it’s one that easily slips over your head! (Also, a few days ago, you figured out how to undo your diaper and ran around with absolutely not a stitch on. I really should have taken pictures!)

Two of your favorite pastimes are stealing Mommy’s keys and trying to “use” them on the filing cabinet, and trying on everyone’s shoes. You always get frustrated with this and end up throwing a tantrum, but the other day you figured out how to put on one of your own sandals! (It was on the wrong foot, but regardless. Heehee.)

You love to swing at the park, and go down the bottom part of the slide. Going from the top seems too scary for you, but you like to climb up part of it at the bottom and slide down.

Playing in the refrigerator is hilarious to you, and you always go for the pickle jar! If you aren’t playing in the fridge, you’re sitting in the dishwasher after pulling the door down.

Your diet is still a little difficult, so we supplement with Pediasure Nutrapals daily. Your favorites are string cheese, baby goldfish, Trix cereal, Poptarts, pickles, Capri Suns, bananas, grapes, and blueberries. I’m hoping to expand your dietary horizons very soon, especially since you don’t eat much protein!

You are just a ball of fun and energy, and the frequent temper tantrums are getting easier to understand and deal with. I used to get frustrated with you, but nowadays I usually just laugh and pick you up to distract you with something else. Sleeping through the night is still occasionally an issue – you just need to snuggle with Mommy for a little while at 2 am, 4 am, or 5 am.

I love you more than life itself, and every day you make me so glad you were given to me. I am so proud to be your mother.

I love you sugarbean-peanut-honeybunches,



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